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"Here's How You Can Upgrade To The Affiliate Ninja Elite VIDEO Training And Watch Over The Shoulder Exactly How To Become A Super Affiliate Ninja!"
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I know you are in a rush to access your purchase of The Affiliate Domination System v3.0...

Before you gain access however, there is something you need to know. In the last few weeks, I've had some customers tell me that they LOVE the value I've provided, but many of them wished I could come up with a step-by-step video course where they can see "step by step" over the shoulder, how to become Super Affiliates themselves!

Basically, many customers want me to show them a hands-on video training guide instead of just utilizing screenshots. This is the reason why I have decided to do something very special just for YOU...
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That means if you want the video course later on which I believe you will, you MUST get it at a full price. Furthermore, you will NOT receive the $388 worth of Free Bonuses. NO EXCEPTION TO THE RULE. 
Here is Exactly What You Are Going to Receive Today:

Elite Video Training Module #1:
Marketing Research and Finding Profitable Niches

In this video module, you are going to learn how to find types of products and services you should market. We are going in deep in terms of products or services you should promote as well as products and services you should AVOID. This allows you to STOP wasting tens of thousands of dollars that will RUIN your chances to get massive sales for your business!

Elite Video Training Module #2:
Choosing High-Quality Affiliate Products

In this video course, you are going to learn the right way to choose affiliate products that convert. Why is this important? It is simple, really. Do you want to make more money or make more sales? Do you want to get higher percentages and commissions or less percentages of your commissions, but more money?

Even though its relatively easy to figure out the type of affiliate products you need to choose for your business, unfortunately 99% of entrepreneurs get them wrong in the first place. Some marketers blame the recession. Some marketers blame the products. (Watch the video on how to choose the RIGHT products!)

Elite Video Training Module #3:
Create Your Squeeze Page in 7 Minutes or Less

In this video module, you are going to learn hands-on training of how to create your squeeze page in 7 minutes or less. You just need to click here and click there. That's all it takes to start sucking in subscribers like a tornado!

Elite Video Training Module #4:
Follow-up Strategies to Quadruple Your Cash Flow

In this video module, you are going to learn "follow-up" strategies you can use to quadruple your cash flow by utilizing email marketing. Further, you'll learn the basic steps to build a bonded relationship with your audience as well as make instant sales from each new subscriber you receive. This allows you to see your 1st sale right from the start. 

Elite Video Training Module #5:
Integrate Squeeze Page with Your Affiliate Offer

In this video module, you are going to learn the most effective ways to integrate your squeeze page with your affiliate products. You'll also learn tips and tricks on how to make your audience feel they are going to the right place instead of feeling that they are being taken for granted when you show them the affiliate product of your choice. 

Why is this important?
Well, this is the difference between products that convert like gangbusters vs. products that are NOT going to give you any cash at all. PERIOD. (Watch this module for details!) 

Elite Video Training Module #6:
Drive Massive Traffic to Your Website

In this video training module, you are going to discover the *easiest* way to get traffic to your website. This allows you to understand the method you can use to get thousands of unique visitors to your offers. Watch this video to learn the traffic secret!

Elite Video Training Module #7:
Train Your Audience to Buy Your Product

In this video module, you are going to learn how to "TRAIN" your audience to purchase ONLY from you. This allows you to build a cult relationship with your audience which motivates them to become addicted to purchasing from you, and NO ONE else. (Watch this module for details!)

Elite Video Training Module #8:
Build A Relationship With Your Audience

In this module, you are going to learn the right way to build a relationship with your audience. Now, I am NOT talking about just sending your audience articles and expect them to love you. The truth is... "It doesn't work that way!" What you need to do is focus on _______ and _______. When you do that, you are able to grow your business to the next level. This is an extremely powerful concept and strategy you shouldn't miss!

Elite Video Training Module #9:
How to Crush Product Launches -- Part I

In this video module, you are going to learn the exact technique many top marketers have been using to crush product launches by just sending few emails to their subscribers. You'll also learn the *easiest & fastest* way to get on top of the leaderboard, even if you are a complete newbie. It isn't as hard as you think!

Elite Video Training Module #10:
How to Crush Product Launches -- Part II

In this video module, you are going to learn the "advanced" strategy to crush product launches. This is also the same strategy many top marketers have been using to get an extra 80 to 100 sales in a matter of days. All you need to do is copy-and-paste a few things and you are ready to cash out BIG time.... it's really that easy! 
Upgrade Now (From THIS Page Only) And Get These 4 Additional Bonus Training Videos Worth $388 For FREE!

Bonus #1:
How To Create A Squeeze Page That Converts At 40% or Higher

In this video bonus training module, you are going to learn tips and tricks to create squeeze pages that convert at 40% or higher. We are going to show you the components you need to add on and the components you need to avoid on your squeeze page. This allows you to create squeeze pages that attract subscribers like bees to honey!

Bonus #2:
A Trick to Grow Your Business With Affiliate Offers

In this video bonus training module, you will discover many different ways you can use to build your business around affiliate products. In fact, when you look around you very closely, most of the products that are being endorsed to the public are affiliate products. The question is... "How do you make sales with it?" That's what you are going to learn!

Bonus #3:
How to Seduce Marketers to Work With You

The title says it all. :-)

In this video bonus training module, you will learn how to transform yourself from an affiliate marketer into a well-respected Super Affiliate. Why is this important? Well, this is the most sought after KEY that takes ANY affiliate marketing business to the next level!

Bonus #4:
Underground Secrets to Convert Subscribers to Repeat Buyers

There is a difference between customers vs. repeat buyers. In fact, studies have shown that each repeat buyer that you receive is equal to $100,000 lifetime value. It also means that when you understand the underground secrets to convert your subscribers to KEEP buying every product you recommend to them, you are able to quadruple your revenue with your existing subscribers base. This could mean THOUSANDS in extra profits!
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